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toddler clothing
Size Height Weight Waist Leg
- 3 months 19.5"-24.5" 6-10lbs 16"-17.5" -
S 6 months 24.5"-27" 10-18lbs 17.5"-18.5" 8.5"-10"
M 12 months 27"-30.5" 18-22lbs 18.5"-19.5" 9.5"-11"
L 18 months 30.5"-33" 22-25lbs 19.5"-20" 10"-11.5"
XL 24 months 33"-35" 25-30lbs 20"-21" 10.5"-12"
- 3T 35"-37.5" 30-38lbs 21"-21.5" 11.5"-13"
- 4T 37.5"-41" 38-46lbs 21.5"-22" 12"-13.5"

All Sizes in Inches Unless Otherwise Stated

Kids/Toddler measuring guide

Use the tips & visuals in this guide to make taking your child's body measurements easy-peasy.

Don’t have a fabric tape measure? Use a shoelace or pant leg to measure. Then, lay it flat & use a ruler or tape measure to get a numerical measurement.

How to measure

  • Height

    Standing with feet together and back to a wall. Measure from floor to the top of the head.

  • Chest

    Have your child make airplane arms. Wrap tape measure around the fullest part of the chest, keeping it level & snug.

  • Waist

    With your child bending to one side, measure the point where the waist flexes naturally. Keep the tape level & comfortably loose.

  • Hip

    Have your child stand like a tall tree with feet together. Measure a level line around the fullest part of the hips & seat.

  • Inseam

    Take a pair of pants that fit your child well. Measure along the seam from crotch to leg opening.